Statement by Hon Minister of Health and Wellness

April 23, 2020 - 720 views

Medical Laboratory Professionals Week is being observed this year in
Dominica from April 19-25 th, under the theme “Laboratory Professionals Get

Medical Laboratory Professionals Week (MLPW) provides the profession with
a unique opportunity to increase public understanding of, and appreciation for,
clinical laboratory professionals.

It is a special time of year when laboratory professionals reflect on the vital
role that they play to ensure that patients receive the right tests, the right
diagnosis and the right treatment.

This year laboratory professionals in the Ministry of Health, Wellness and New
Health Investment have had very little time to plan lab week activities, as a
result of the significant role that they are playing in the forefront of the fight
against the novel coronavirus, COVID-19.

This is an unprecedented time in the history of not only our nation but of the
entire world, as we respond and attempt to mitigate and control the spread of
this COVID-19 pandemic.

Laboratory professionals are on the front lines 24/7, ensuring that all of the
laboratory services continue, machines are functional, resources required are
available, tests are conducted maintaining prescribed quality standards, and
most importantly, that patients are receiving the appropriate diagnosis and
treatment in an efficient manner.

Never before has there been a greater public focus on this profession since
laboratory professionals often work behind the scenes. Few are aware of the
critical testing that laboratory professionals perform every day to save lives,
reduce morbidity, and help control the cost of care.

The emergence of new and complex diseases demands that laboratory
professionals remain current in their field of work to help determine and
diagnose these diseases. This, in tandem with advances in analytical science
and automation makes the work of the laboratory professionals more
important now than ever.

This global COVID-19 pandemic crisis has brought to the fore the need for
well-equipped laboratories with highly trained staff and an unrelenting focus
on quality.

The ability to turn around quality results in quick time is the key to providing
information for rapid and efficient patient management. Without this precise
and valuable information, medicine would simply become guesswork.

The Ministry of Health, Wellness and New Health Investment, and by
extension the Government of Dominica has recognized the importance of
having a suitable and well-equipped laboratory facility and has therefore
invested in infrastructure and equipment, an example being the PCR machine
that the Ministry has had since 2018. The new laboratory facilities at the
Dominica China Friendship added to the dedicated staff at the Medical
The laboratory has proven to be very beneficial to the country in the fight against

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the laboratory professionals in
Dominica, both in public and private settings, for the critical work that they do
in the interest of patient care and public health. Beyond meeting the public
need, the celebration of Medical Laboratory Professionals Week will help
increase recognition for the profession as it improves the individual’s sense of

Further, as the various professional groups within laboratory practice work
together, the sense of unity and purpose necessary to further the goals of all
laboratory professionals are reinforced.

Whatever the setting -- behind the scenes or out in our communities --
laboratory professionals are by our side, working as key members of the
health care team.

From April 19-25, please join the Ministry of Health and our laboratory
professionals in celebrating Medical Laboratory Professionals Week and let
we recognize their vital role in promoting and protecting our health.