Bible Principles

October 23, 2019

Godly Praise

Principle 28 – Godly Praise Psalm 28:1-29:11During the most difficult times in our lives, we should focus on praising God. Support the show (

Normal Ambivalence

Principle 27 – Normal Ambivalence Psalm 27:1-14When we have a sense of confidence in God mixed with feelings of fear and anxiety, we should accept these conflicting experiences as part of being followers of Jesus Christ. Support the show (

Unwavering Faith

Principle 26 – Unwavering FaithPsalms 26:1-12To stand firm in our faith without wavering, we are to trust in the Lord wholeheartedly and demonstrate integrity in all that we do. Support the show (

Spiritual Growth

Psalm 25 – Spiritual Growth Psalms 25:1-22If we are to grow and mature in our Christian experience, we must have a teachable spirit.Support the show (

The God-Man

Principle 24 – The God-Man Psalm 24:1-10When sharing the message of Christianity, we must make it clear that Jesus Christ is much more than a wonderful example and great teacher. Support the show (

Our Eternal Shepherd

Principle 23 – Our Eternal Shepherd Psalm 23:1-6When we consider that the Lord Jesus Christ is our shepherd, we should also remember that He is the eternal God who is without beginning and without end.Support the show (

A Call to Worship

Principle 22 – A Call to Worship Psalm 22:1-31When we are reminded of Christ’s suffering on the cross, we should never cease to worship Him from the depths of our hearts.Support the show (

Prayer of Thanksgiving

Principle 21 – A Prayer of Thanksgiving Psalm 21:1-13We should always thank God for His blessings, including specific answers to our prayers. Support the show (

Praying for Government Leaders

Principle 20 – Praying for Government Leaders Psalms 20:1-9We should make it a priority to pray very specifically and consistently for our government leaders. Support the show (

God’s Written Revelation

Principle 19 – God’s Written Revelation Psalm 19:1-14To help people understand clearly the message of salvation and spiritual growth, we must focus on communicating God’s revelation in Scripture. Support the show (

Our Unshakeable Foundation

Principle 18 – Our Unshakeable Foundation Psalm 18:1-50We must always build our spiritual lives on Jesus Christ, who is a solid foundation that will never fail.Support the show (

A Clean Heart

Principle 17 – A Clean Heart Psalm 17:1-15When we are seeking God’s help, we are to examine our hearts to see if we are violating God’s will.Support the show (

Eternal Hope

Principle 16 – Eternal Hope Psalm 16: 1-10We’re to be absolutely confident that because of Christ’s resurrection from the dead we too will live eternally.Support the show (

Imitating Jesus Christ

Psalm Principle 15, Imitating Jesus Christ From Psalm 15:1-5To have intimate fellowship with God, we must become more and more like Jesus Christ in the way we liveSupport the show (

An Unbelieving Heart

Psalm Principle 14, An Unbelieving Heart From Psalm 14:1-7We must be on guard against claiming to believe in God while acting as if He does not exist. Support the show (

Openness and Vulnerability

Psalm Principle 13, Openness and Vulnerability From Psalm 13:1-6When we feel abandoned by God, we should share our feelings, both with God and with other trustworthy Christians. Support the show (

Avoiding Deception

Psalm Principle 12, Avoiding Deception From Psalm 12:1-8In a world of lies and deception, we should consistently evaluate what we read, hear, and see in light of the message in the Holy Scriptures. Support the show (

A Strong Foundation

Psalm Principle 11, A Strong Foundation From Psalm 11:1-7Even though moral and ethical foundations may be eroding, we should ask God to help us stay true to biblical values.Support the show (

Standing Firm

Psalm; Principle #10 – Standing FirmEven though unrighteous people arrogantly turn their backs on God and yet seem to prosper, we should not yield to the temptation to follow in their footsteps. Support the show (

Praising God

Psalm; Principle #9 – Praising GodWe are to sincerely praise God no matter the circumstances.Support the show (