Bible Principles

October 23, 2019

God’s Faithfulness

Principle 85 – God’s Faithfulness Psalm 89:1-52 We should rely on God to keep His promises even though it may appear He is not faithful. Support the show (

Depression and Distortions

Principle 84 – Depression and Distortions Psalm 88:1-18 When we become depressed, we should be aware that we may distort reality as we reflect on the past, describe the present, and anticipate the future. Support the show (

The City of God

Principle 83 – The City of God Psalm 87:1-7 We should discover principles from Israel’s history that definitely apply to the functioning body of Christ.Support the show (

Discovering God’s Ways

Principle 82 – Discovering God’s Ways Psalm 86:1-17 To discover God’s will for our lives, we should read and study God’s Word regularly. Support the show (

Spiritual Renewal

Principle 81 – Spiritual Renewal Psalm 85:1-13 As members of our local churches, we should help one another experience continual transformation into the image of Jesus Christ.Support the show (

God’s Sanctuary Today

Principle 80 – God’s Sanctuary Today Psalm 84:1-12We are to be a living and unified sanctuary that reflects the divine unity that exists in the eternal community—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Support the show (

Praying for Judgment

Principle 79 – Praying for Judgment Psalm 83:1-18When we pray for God’s judgment on the enemies of righteousness, ourprimary motive should be that these evil people seek the one true God. Support the show (

Qualified Leadership

Principle 78 – Qualified Leadership Psalm 82:1-8We are to appoint leaders in the church who are spiritually qualified so that they will be good shepherds who care deeply for the needs of God’s people.Support the show (

Avoiding Idolatry

Principle 77 – Avoiding Idolatry Psalm 81:1-16We are to be on guard against engaging in any form of idolatry.Support the show (

Abiding in Christ

Principle 76 – Abiding in Christ Psalm 80:1-19We must live in close fellowship with the Lord Jesus Christ, drawing our strength from Him.Support the show (

Forgiveness of Sins

Principle 75, Forgiveness of Sins Psalm 78:9-72-Psalm 79:1-13To experience continual forgiveness of sin and intimate fellowship with God, we must acknowledge our sins and then walk in God’s will.Support the show (

Parental Nurture

Principle 74, Parental Nurture Psalm 78:1-8As parents, we are to teach our children God’s eternal Word, and as pastors, we should make sure our churches support this teaching-learning process.Support the show (

Remembering God

Principle 73, Remembering God Psalm 77:1-20When we are discouraged and even feel forsaken by God, we should reflect on the Lord’s holiness, his power, and his past blessings and provisions.Support the show (

The Only Way

Principle 72, The Only Way Psalm 76:1-12We are to believe and teach the gospel message that only those who put their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ will inherit eternal life.Support the show (

A Call to Humility

Principle 71, A Call to Humility Psalm 75:1-10When we are tempted to be prideful, we should reflect on God’s sovereign grace and mercy in choosing us to be his children. Support the show (

Christmas Week - John's Proclamation

Christmas Week - John's ProclamationWe are always to use our gifts to worship and praise God and his son the Lord Jesus Christ.Merry Christmas from Bible PrinciplesSupport the show (

Christmas Week - The Angel Gabriel Part 2

Christmas Week - The Angel Gabriel Part 2 Worshipful Praise from MarySupport the show (

Christmas Week - The Angel Gabriel Part 1

Christmas Week - The Angel Gabriel Part 1 Even though we may be living Godly Lives, we must be on guard against the sin of unbelief.Support the show (

Christmas Week - Matthew Part 2

Christmas Week - Matthew Part 2Joseph As Believers, we are to extend mercy and grace for those living out of the will of GodSupport the show (

Christmas Week - Matthew Part 1

Christmas Week - Matthew Part 1Genealogies are not always boringGod's Grace extends to all people, regardless of our human failures and circumstances.Support the show (