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June 06, 2015

The Need for a Prophetic Voice

A reflection on Samuel and Saul, David and Nathan, and the need for a prophetic voice.

The Freedom Given by God

Hear a reflection on the freedom given us by God, and how it differs from our common definitions.

The Purpose of Apologetics

Sharing an apologetic is becoming more and more difficult in our culture. Hear a reflection from the late Ravi Zacharias on this subject.

The Woman at the Well

Tune in to today's Just A Thought for a brief reflection from the late Ravi Zacharias.

Lazarus: Death is Dead

How do you frighten someone like the biblical character Lazarus? Hear a reflection from the late Ravi Zacharias.

One of the Most Felt Struggles of the Human Life

Tune in today for a reflection from the late Ravi Zacharias.

Unity of Faith Doesn't Necessarily Mean Uniformity of Expression

The Scriptures are the final authority for the Christian. In this short message, we hear the late Ravi Zacharias reflect on and encourage us to the importance of unity.

God's Character Defines Our Purpose

Hear more about how God's purpose for us is to be in communion with Him.

God's Laws as a Source of Freedom

If you do things your way versus God's way, Ravi says "you will find punctuated disappointments with no ultimate answers to life." Hear more about the freedom following God brings.

The Bible as the Ultimate Point of Measurement

Hear Ravi Zacharias on the Bible: the truth it contains, how it stands up to testing, and its teachings about the person of Jesus.

Answering the Person

"If you merely answer a question and not answer the questioner, you may have won a momentary battle but you will lose the war." Hear more on this from Ravi Zacharias

Prayer: An Unexhausted Treasure

We see the biblical character Jeremiah prioritize prayer. Why? In this message, hear Ravi Zacharias on the power of prayer.

How Do We Communicate What We Believe?

When words have been redefined in our culture, how do we retain the substance of what we believe, and find the ways and means to communicate it?

If God is Dead, What Then?

In this episode, we hear Ravi reflect on the logical conclusions to the claim "God is dead," and share the verse that changed him dramatically.

Why Believe the Bible

In this episode, we hear Ravi Zacharias reflect on a question many parents may receive from their children.

Jesus' Staggering Claim

In this episode, Ravi Zacharias talks about the staggering claim of Jesus: "I am the way, the truth, and the life" (John 14:6)."

What do happiness and reverence have to do with each other? Hear more from Ravi Zacharias.

Jesus' prayer for mercy on the crowd surrounding him while on the cross teaches us what it looks like to respond to the anguish of humanity.

The Link to Reverence and Happiness

What do happiness and reverence have to do with each other? Hear more from Ravi Zacharias.

The 1 Thing Religions Have in Common

Ravi Zacharias talks about the one thing world religions have in common, giving an answer that might surprise you.

Objective Moral Values Point to the Existence of God

Objective moral values exist only if God exists, Ravi Zacharias says. Hear more on what this means for worldviews who deny God's existence.

If the Message is in the Medium, How Do We Deal?

Culture is like an organ that pumps a continuous message into our lives. "If the message is wrapped up in the medium, and the medium is the message, how do we deal?" Ravi Zacharias asks.

The Same Language

For the first time in history, the whole world is speaking the same language through a culture of media, only with "cupidity as the motive." Ravi explores this more.

The Ability for Abstract Reasoning

The importance of abstract reasoning is more important than ever. Ravi Zacharias brings a unique view to what this means.

The Temptation of Jesus

Ravi hones in on the Bible story of Satan tempting Jesus in three different ways in the desert.

How Does a Hurting World Heal?

How are we going to change the hurts around the world? Unless we understand the nature of the human heart and the unique answer Christ gives, Ravi says, we will never be able to change it.