Dominica's Final Election Result for 2019

December 12, 2019 - 427 views

The Electoral Office of Dominica has officially announced the results from the Final count conducted on December 7, 2019, following General Elections on December 6, 2019.

The following tallies represent the total votes cast for each candidate as well as the total number of rejected ballots, in all 21 constituencies, as determined by the Returning Officer for the respective constituency.

The list is presented alphabetically with the name of each candidate and the total number of votes cast for the candidate.

Castle Bruce
Octavia Alfred Dominica Labour Party 842
Ernie Lawrence Jno Finn United Workers Party 808
Rejected Ballots 37

Lady Catherine Daniel Dominica Labour Party 677
Nicholas George United Workers Party 185
Rejected Ballots 4

Reginald Victor Austrie Dominica Labour Party 948
Marcus Romain United Workers Party 336
Rejected Ballots 15

Grand Bay
Nept Pacquette United Workers Party 211
Edward Registe Dominica Labour Party 1532
Rejected Ballots 29

La Plaine
Kent Edwards Dominica Labour Party 742
Francisca Joseph United Workers Party 665
Rejected Ballots 24

Rayburn Blackmoore Dominica Labour Party 2191
Felix Hayden Thomas United Workers Party 1865
Rejected Ballots 46

Lennox Linton United Workers Party 882
Gregory Riviere Dominica Labour Party 269
Rejected Ballots 13

Morne Jaune/Riviere Cyrique
Pharo Cuffy United Workers Party 541
Gretta Roberts Dominica Labour Party 601
Rejected Ballots 17

Paix Bouche
Davis George United Workers Party 202
Roslyn Paul Dominica Labour Party 1138
Rejected Ballots 61

Petite Savanne
Kenneth Darroux Dominica Labour Party 1192
Rosanna Emmanuel United Workers Party 501
Rejected Ballots 24

Ian Douglas Dominica Labour Party 1253
Jefferson James United Workers Party 369
Rejected Ballots 37

Roseau Central
Glenroy Cuffy United Workers Party 870
Melissa Poponne Skerrit Dominica Labour Party 1063
Rejected Ballots 21

Roseau North
Joseph Isaac Dominica Labour Party 1638
Daniel Lugay United Workers Party 2134
Rejected Ballots 86

Roseau South
Joshua Francis United Workers Party 1938
Chekira Lockhart Dominica Labour Party 2194
Rejected Ballots 38

Roseau Valley
Ronald Charles United Workers Party 768
Irving McIntyre Dominica Labour Party 1118
Rejected Ballots 62

Nichols Espirit Dominica Labour Party 534
Hector John United Workers Party 866
Rejected Ballots 22

Cozier Frederick Dominica Labour Party 1081
Annette Thomas-Sanford United Workers Party 816
Rejected Ballots 32

St Joseph
Adis King Dominica Labour Party 1324
Monelle Williams United Workers Party 877
Rejected Ballots 13

Denise Charles Dominica Labour Party 1352
Samuel Christian United Workers Party 602
Rejected Ballots 56

Vielle Case
Clement Marcellin Jnr. United Workers Party 229
Roosevelt Skerrit Dominica Labour Party 1095
Rejected Ballots 36

Ezekiel Bazil United Workers Party 759
Fidel Grant Dominica Labour Party 859
Rejected Ballots 22