Bible Principles

October 23, 2019

Instructing Others

Principle 31, Instructing Others Psalms 32:1-11When we have sinned against God, we must experience true brokenness and repentance before we are qualified to admonish others.Support the show (

Psychosomatic Illness

Principle 30 – Psychosomatic Illness Psalm 31:1-24When we are experiencing physical difficulties caused by emotional stress, we must address the problem at its root cause.Support the show (

Prayer for Physical Healing

Principle 29 – Prayer for Physical Healing Psalm 30:1-12When we are physically sick, we should not hesitate to ask spiritual leaders to pray for our healing. Support the show (

Godly Praise

Principle 28 – Godly Praise Psalm 28:1-29:11During the most difficult times in our lives, we should focus on praising God. Support the show (

Normal Ambivalence

Principle 27 – Normal Ambivalence Psalm 27:1-14When we have a sense of confidence in God mixed with feelings of fear and anxiety, we should accept these conflicting experiences as part of being followers of Jesus Christ. Support the show (

Unwavering Faith

Principle 26 – Unwavering FaithPsalms 26:1-12To stand firm in our faith without wavering, we are to trust in the Lord wholeheartedly and demonstrate integrity in all that we do. Support the show (

Spiritual Growth

Psalm 25 – Spiritual Growth Psalms 25:1-22If we are to grow and mature in our Christian experience, we must have a teachable spirit.Support the show (

The God-Man

Principle 24 – The God-Man Psalm 24:1-10When sharing the message of Christianity, we must make it clear that Jesus Christ is much more than a wonderful example and great teacher. Support the show (

Our Eternal Shepherd

Principle 23 – Our Eternal Shepherd Psalm 23:1-6When we consider that the Lord Jesus Christ is our shepherd, we should also remember that He is the eternal God who is without beginning and without end.Support the show (

A Call to Worship

Principle 22 – A Call to Worship Psalm 22:1-31When we are reminded of Christ’s suffering on the cross, we should never cease to worship Him from the depths of our hearts.Support the show (

Prayer of Thanksgiving

Principle 21 – A Prayer of Thanksgiving Psalm 21:1-13We should always thank God for His blessings, including specific answers to our prayers. Support the show (

Praying for Government Leaders

Principle 20 – Praying for Government Leaders Psalms 20:1-9We should make it a priority to pray very specifically and consistently for our government leaders. Support the show (

God’s Written Revelation

Principle 19 – God’s Written Revelation Psalm 19:1-14To help people understand clearly the message of salvation and spiritual growth, we must focus on communicating God’s revelation in Scripture. Support the show (

Our Unshakeable Foundation

Principle 18 – Our Unshakeable Foundation Psalm 18:1-50We must always build our spiritual lives on Jesus Christ, who is a solid foundation that will never fail.Support the show (

A Clean Heart

Principle 17 – A Clean Heart Psalm 17:1-15When we are seeking God’s help, we are to examine our hearts to see if we are violating God’s will.Support the show (

Eternal Hope

Principle 16 – Eternal Hope Psalm 16: 1-10We’re to be absolutely confident that because of Christ’s resurrection from the dead we too will live eternally.Support the show (

Imitating Jesus Christ

Psalm Principle 15, Imitating Jesus Christ From Psalm 15:1-5To have intimate fellowship with God, we must become more and more like Jesus Christ in the way we liveSupport the show (

An Unbelieving Heart

Psalm Principle 14, An Unbelieving Heart From Psalm 14:1-7We must be on guard against claiming to believe in God while acting as if He does not exist. Support the show (

Openness and Vulnerability

Psalm Principle 13, Openness and Vulnerability From Psalm 13:1-6When we feel abandoned by God, we should share our feelings, both with God and with other trustworthy Christians. Support the show (

Avoiding Deception

Psalm Principle 12, Avoiding Deception From Psalm 12:1-8In a world of lies and deception, we should consistently evaluate what we read, hear, and see in light of the message in the Holy Scriptures. Support the show (