Bible Principles

October 23, 2019

The Power of Scripture

Principle 39, John – The Power of Scripture John 20:29-31 When we present the gospel of Jesus Christ, we are to trust God and the Holy Spirit to use the inspired scriptures to convince people that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Support the show (

The Great Commission

Principle 59, Matthew – The Great Commission Matthew 27:55-28:1-20 Since the Lord Jesus Christ died and rose again to bring salvation to all who believe, we are to do what we can to deliver this message to the whole world. Support the show (

More Miraculous Signs

Principle 58, Matthew – More Miraculous Signs Matthew 27:27-54 When we consider the miraculous events surrounding Jesus’ final hours on the cross, we should be intensely motivated to proclaim that He is indeed God’s eternal Son. Support the show (

The Power of Self-Interests

Principle 57, Matthew – The Power of Self-Interests Matthew 27:11-26 We should not be surprised when some political leaders purposely make wrong and even evil decisions to protect their own interests.Support the show (

Loving Money

Principle 56, Matthew – Loving Money Matthew 27:1-10 We are to be aware of the power of money in causing us to rationalize sinful decisions and to deceive ourselves regarding the ultimate results. Support the show (

Divine Wisdom

Principle 50, Matthew – Divine Wisdom Matthew 22:15-46 When communicating with people who are attempting to advance Satan’s agenda, we should seek to respond with divine wisdom in order to avoid arguments. Support the show (

Seeking the Truth

Principle 49, Matthew – Seeking the Truth Matthew 21:12-22:14 We should not allow what we want to believe to cause us to reject what is God’s truth. Support the show (

Personal Interest

Principle 48, Matthew, Personal Interest Matthew 20:29-21:11 Servant-leaders are not to allow accolades from the masses to dull their compassion for the specific needs of individuals. Support the show (


Principle 47 – Matthew, Servant-leadership Matthew 20:17-28 Spiritual leaders who follow Christ’s example should become servant-leaders.Support the show (

Faith and Works

Principle 46, Matthew – Faith and Works Matthew 19:27-20:16 To understand and present the gospel correctly, we must distinguish between the gift of salvation and rewards for faithful service. Support the show (

Biblical Priorities

Principle 45, Matthew - Biblical Priorities Matthew 19:16-26 We are never to allow material possessions to keep us from making God and His will a priority in our lives.Support the show (

Standing Firm

Principle 44, Matthew - Standing Firm Matthew 19:1-15 In a secular as well as in a religious world that is more and more departing from biblical values, we are never to compromise the teachings of Scripture. Support the show (

Life Lessons

Principle 43, Matthew - Life Lessons Matthew 17:14-18:35 To be prepared for ministry, all believers should have a time of preparation that involves both specific content and practical experience. Support the show (

Serving Faithfully

Principle 42, Matthew - Serving Faithfully Even though we may have unanswered questions, we should serve Jesus Christ faithfully until He comes again.Support the show (

Satanic Influences

Principle 41, Matthew - Satanic Influences Matthew 16:13-23 Even if our belief in Christ's deity is accurate, we are still to be on guard against Satan's efforts to influence our thinking and actions. Support the show (

Financial Accountability

Principle 15 – Financial Accountability2 Corinthians 9:1-5All of us—individually and corporately—should have a system of accountability to help us maintain our financial commitments to God’s work. Support the show (

Financial Integrity

Principle 14 – Financial Integrity2 Corinthians 8:16-24When receiving and distributing financial gifts, every local church and parachurch ministry should entrust this responsibility to several trustworthy individuals. Support the show (

Motivated by Love

Principle 13 – Motivated by Love2 Corinthians 8:8-15Though we have an obligation to be generous, our primary motivation for giving should be our love for God and for one another. Support the show (

Models of Generosity

Principle 12 – Models of Generosity2 Corinthians 8:1-7All local communities of faith are to be models of generosity to other churches. Support the show (

Positive Feedback

Principle 11 – Positive Feedback2 Corinthians 7:2-16We should look for opportunities to give positive feedback to those who serve as our spiritual leaders. Support the show (