Bible Principles

October 23, 2019 - 01:41 PM

Forgiveness of Sins

Principle 75, Forgiveness of Sins Psalm 78:9-72-Psalm 79:1-13To experience continual forgiveness of sin and intimate fellowship with God, we must acknowledge our sins and then walk in God’s will.

Parental Nurture

Principle 74, Parental Nurture Psalm 78:1-8As parents, we are to teach our children God’s eternal Word, and as pastors, we should make sure our churches support this teaching-learning process.

Remembering God

Principle 73, Remembering God Psalm 77:1-20When we are discouraged and even feel forsaken by God, we should reflect on the Lord’s holiness, his power, and his past blessings and provisions.

The Only Way

Principle 72, The Only Way Psalm 76:1-12We are to believe and teach the gospel message that only those who put their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ will inherit eternal life.

A Call to Humility

Principle 71, A Call to Humility Psalm 75:1-10When we are tempted to be prideful, we should reflect on God’s sovereign grace and mercy in choosing us to be his children.

God’s Eternal Covenant

Principle 70 – God’s Eternal Covenant Psalm 74:1-23 No matter what happens in this life, we are to rest in God’s promise to bring us safely home to heaven.

Eternal Perspective

Principle 69 – Eternal Perspective Psalm 73:1-28 We are to have an eternal perspective on material possessions rather than focusing on the temporary prosperity of the wicked.

Making Christ King

Principle 68 – Making Christ King Psalm 72:1-20 As members of Christ’s church, we are to worship and serve Jesus Christ as our sovereign Lord and King.

Caring for the Elderly

Principle 67 – Caring for the Elderly Psalm 70:1-5; 71:1-24 As adult children as well as local church leaders, we are to make sure that elderly people are cared for properly.

Our Great High Priest

Principle 66 – Our Great High Priest Psalm 69:1-36 When we face difficulties, we should approach God with confidence, knowing that the Lord Jesus Christ is our mediator and is continually representing us before God.

The Day of the Lord

Principle 65 – The Day of the Lord Psalm 68:20-35Knowing that at any moment the day of grace could end and usher in the Day of the Lord, we are to do our part in communicating the message of salvation to those who are unsaved.

God’s Grace

Psalm, Principle 64 – God’s Grace Psalm 68:1-19As ordinary people, we should rejoice that God has chosen to display His grace in our lives.

Lord of All

Psalm, Principle 63 – Lord of All Psalm 67:1-7We are to share the gospel with all people regardless of their gender, ethnic backgrounds, color, creed, and economic status.

Witnessing through Praise

Principle 62 – Witnessing through Praise Psalm 66:1-20We are to be ready to share with others what God has done for us through our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Generous Giving

Principle 61 – Generous Giving Psalm 65:1-13We are to give material gifts thankfully, joyfully, and consistently to help carry out the Great Commission.

A Two-Dimensional Prayer

Principle 60 – A Two-Dimensional Prayer Psalm 64:1-10 Though we are to pray for protection from evil people, we should also pray that they’ll repent of their sins.

God’s Faithful Love

Principle 59 – God’s Faithful Love Psalm 62:1-12, Psalm 63:1-11 More than any other blessing in our lives, we should constantly seek to know God and His faithful love.

Our Great High Priest

Principle 58 – Our Great High Priest Psalm 61:1-8 Since the Lord Jesus Christ is our great high priest, we can approach God at any time for supernatural strength.

The Armor of God

Principle 57 – The Armor of God Psalm 60:1-12 When we are experiencing unusual success, we are to be on guard against satanic attacks.

Praising God in Difficult Circumstances

Principle 56 – Praising God in Difficult Circumstances Psalms 59:1-17When we are despised by those who resent our biblical values, we should not only pray for protection but also for grace to praise God in the midst of these difficult circumstances.