Bible Principles

October 23, 2019

Function and Form

Matthew Principle 24 - Function and Form When we worship God, we are to determine both our practices and our patterns by using God's truth in Scripture as our primary criteria, not cultural traditions.Matthew 9:14-17 the show...

Witnessing for Christ

Matthew Principle 23 - Witnessing for Christ To present the gospel to those who are lost we are to associate with them, but we must never compromise biblical values.Matthew 9:9-13 the show (

The God-Man

The God-Man Matthew Principle 22 - Matthew 8:18-27 The more we get to know Jesus Christ, the more we should be in awe of who He really is! the show (

Physical Healing

Physical Healing Principle 21 – Matthew 8:1-17Though we are to pray for physical healing, we must differentiate between spiritual healing for salvation and physical healing for the body. the show (

A Solid Foundation

A Solid Foundation Principle 20 – Matthew 7:24-29To withstand the vicissitudes of life, we must put our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ—who He is, what He has done for all of us, and what He taught. Support the show (

The Way of Salvation

The Way of Salvation Principle 19 – Matthew 7:13-23To be true to the Scriptures, we must believe and teach that faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is the one and only way to inherit eternal life. Support the show (

Persistent Prayer

Persistent Prayer Principle 18 – Matthew 7:7-12To apply Christ’s teachings, we must have supernatural strength that is released in our lives through prayer.Support the show (

Judgmental Hypocrisy

Judgmental Hypocrisy Principle 17 – Matthew 7:1-6When we confront fellow believers because of sin in their lives, we are to make sure we have dealt properly with our own sin. Support the show (

Establishing Priorities

Establishing Priorities Principle 16 – Matthew 6:25-34 To avoid anxiety, we should consistently put God first in all that we do—including the way we view and use our material possessions. Support the show (

Eternal Treasures

Principle 15 – Matthew, Eternal Treasures Matthew 6:19-24 We are to measure our spiritual health by the way we use our material possessions to help make disciples of all nations. Support the show (

Honoring God

Principle 14 – Matthew, Honoring God Matthew 6:16-18 When we give, pray, and fast, we should do so with pure motives that glorify God and not ourselves.Support the show (

Experiencing God’s Forgiveness

Principle 13 – Matthew, Experiencing God’s Forgiveness Matthew 6:1-15 To maintain intimate fellowship with God and one another, we must forgive those who sin against us. Support the show (

Loving as Christ Loved

Principle 12 – Matthew, Loving as Christ Loved Matthew 5:38-48 We are to imitate Jesus in the way He related to people who were selfish, prejudiced, judgmental, hateful, and vengeful. Support the show (

Practicing Integrity

Principle 11 – Matthew, Practicing Integrity Matthew 5:31-37 We are to build all relationships on trust and honesty. Support the show (

Internalizing God’s Word

Principle 10 – Matthew, Internalizing God’s Word Matthew 5:20-30To overcome temptations that lead to serious sins, we must internalize God’s truth in our hearts on a consistent basis.

Fulfilling the Law

Principle 9 – Matthew, Fulfilling the Law Matthew 5:13-19As Christ-followers, we are to reflect the law’s requirements by loving one another.

Reflecting God’s Fullness

Principle 8 – Matthew, Reflecting God’s Fullness Matthew 5:2-12To discover enduring spiritual fulfillment, we must be saved by grace through faith and then demonstrate those qualities of life that reflect God’s perfection.

Producing Mature Disciples

Principle 7 – Matthew, Producing Mature Disciples Matthew 4:23-5:1To develop mature Christ-followers, all spiritual leaders should give special attention to those who have a sincere desire to learn deep spiritual truths.

Dedicated Discipleship

Principle 6 – Matthew, Dedicated Discipleship Matthew 4:12-22To follow the Lord Jesus Christ, we must faithfully apply His teachings.

The Power of Scripture

Principle 5 – Matthew, The Power of Scripture Matthew 3:13-4:11When we’re tempted to violate God’s will, we are to follow Jesus’ example and use Scripture to thwart Satan’s efforts.