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June 06, 2015

In Sync with the Truth

Speaking to a group of young people, Ravi Zacharias encourages them to live out their faith to be a witness to the world.

The Biggest Problem Of Our Time

What is one of the biggest problem of our time and even more importantly how can that problem be solved? Ravi Zacharias tackles this question and answer on today's Just A Thought.

Science Cannot Tell You

Today's emphasis on scientific answers to all of life's questions is missing one important element: morality. Although science can answer the question of why or how, it is missing the authority to answer the questions of is it right or is it wrong? Listen to today's Thought as Ravi...

Lost Reasoning Capacity

Today's youth are exposed to so much information from cyber space that they have lost their capacity to reason. Ravi Zacharias makes this observation and explains some of its effects on today's Thought.,e

Jesus' Powerful Hands

Ravi Zacharias described how Jesus' hands were some of the most powerful tools of His ministry here on earth. Listen to today's program as he explains the impact in people's lives that was made when Jesus reached out to touch them.

Not the Absence of Purity, but the Presence

Describing the life of Augustine, Ravi Zacharias points to a statement he made about how he wrongly viewed his life of sin. Listen to today's program to hear the quote and the realization that dawned on Augustine in his perspective about God.

A Definition of Purity

Ravi Zacharias explains that the definition of purity is similar to the definition of nothing. On today's program he explains how they are similar and the significance of that similarity.

Getting the Definition the Wrong Way Around

"Existence precedes essence, what it means is, what I do determines who I am." This definition of existentialism demonstrates that proponents of the philosophy have the definition backwards, listen as Ravi Zacharias explains the error on today's Thought.

The Definition of Value

Ravi Zacharias states, "We look at life with our eyes rather than through our eyes." What does he mean by this statement and how does this problem cloud our perspective? Find out on today's Just A Thought.

What Is Your Name?

In the Old Testament story of Jacob's life we see a man that is running from the consequences of his actions until God literally grabs ahold of him. God then asks an important question of Jacob that clarifies the trouble in Jacob's life and allows him to choose a different path.

Historian Dies of Boredom

Ravi Zacharias speculates that if there were one human historian that lived to view all of human history he might die of boredom. He makes that statement tongue-in-cheek since history is full of examples where humankind has repeated the same mistakes over and over again.

Trusting God For A Miracle

Ravi Zacharias describes a time in the days of the prophet Elijah where there were many people with leprosy in Israel, but the only man healed of it was a Syrian named Naaman. Christian's today are in the same situation, there is a lack of expectation that God will act in a miraculous way.

The Brightest Light During the Darkest Days

Israel had some of its darkest days as described in the Old Testament book of II Kings when Jehoram was king and the city of Jerusalem was beseiged by the Syrians. It is often during these times of darkness especially in our modern history that God works through His church to bring hope and light

Solving Society's Ills

Ravi Zacharias describes an alarming statistic concerning the occurrence of violent crimes in America: they occur once every 22-24 seconds. How do you begin to solve this problem? On today's Just A Thought Ravi recommends a starting point to begin to address this and other societal issues.

God Have Mercy on Me

Ravi Zacharias warns of the complacency toward sin that Christians can develop over time due to self reliance. It is during these times that God can allow them to have their own way with disastrous consequences.

Points of Tension

When attempting to bridge the gap of understanding between Islam and Christianity there are fundamental differences that need to be overcome, unfortunately dialogue becomes almost impossible if one side is constantly challenging the other.

The Glory of True Greatness

F.W. Boreham describes a scene of a field of poppies and corn planted together and how the 2 plants side by side seemed equally beautiful. Ravi Zacharias builds on this idea to explain the glory of true greatness.

The First Funeral

Ravi Zacharias describes a statue called "The First Funeral" in a museum in Copenhagen, Denmark which seems to poke fun at the death of Abel as his body is carried by his father Adam. However, of course, there is no humor when it comes to death and especially the death of Jesus Christ....

Who Takes God's Place?

Friedrich Nietzsche once wrote the line "God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him." On today's thought Ravi Zacharias follows up that idea with a question, "If God is dead who takes His place?"

The Ultimate Sense of Wonder

Ravi Zacharias, on today's Thought, states, "The ultimate sense of wonder can only come in a relationship with a person and that person is God himself." Listen to the program to find out what he means by his statement.

Questioning the Questioner

Jesus often responds to a questioner with a question. Why did he do that? Today on Just A Thought Ravi Zacharias describes how this effective method is useful in determining what a person's assumptions are before giving the best answer.

Privatization of Faith

Ravi Zacharias describes privatization as the breakdown between public and private life and the action of being compelled to take the things of ultimate value into the private world. This repression of public pronouncement of personal faith has created an atmosphere of animosity towards the...

All Religions Are Exclusive

While being interviewed by a National Public Radio host Ravi Zacharias was asked why Christianity is so exclusive. Ravi proceeds to answer the charge by examining the claims of other major religions including the Bahá'í faith which is supposedly the most non-exclusive faith.

The Danger of Losing a Sense of Shame

Ravi Zacharias relates the answer that convicted serial killer Ted Bundy gave when asked if he experienced any guilt for the murders he committed. Bundy's shocking response showed that he had no point of reference for guilt and it is this loss of a sense of shame that creates a dangerous...

A Coherent Worldview

Ravi Zacharias defines the four main questions of life: origin, meaning, morality and destiny and the answers to these questions can determine if a worldview is coherent. Listen to today's Thought as he describes how they are are answered most completely in the framework of Christianity.