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June 06, 2015 - 08:38 AM

Receiving the Son

Talking to one of the founders of Hamas and trying to find some common ground, Ravi Zacharias describes how he used an illustration from scripture to reach the heart and mind of the leader.

Keep the Physical Reminders

Ravi Zacharias recounts taking his children back to India to see his home town and specifically the hospital where he tried to commit suicide. He challenges parents to transfer the memories of their lives to their children in the same way that they are to teach the stories of the Old Testament so...

A New Spiritual DNA

Richard Dawkins, an avowed Darwinist, once said "DNA neither cares nor knows. DNA just is. And we dance to its music." Ravi Zacharias declares that if this were the case then it is even more imperative that we experience the rebirth that Jesus spoke about to Nicodemus in John Chapter 3.

The Role You Play

Today on Just A Thought Ravi Zacharias gives the background for one of his church heroes: Philip Melanchthon. Melanchthon was a force behind the scenes for Martin Luther and helped pen the Augsburg Confession. From this story Ravi demonstrates that all believers are called on to play an important...

Leadership Costs

Speaking from experience, Ravi Zacharias describes some of the challenges that leaders face: tough decisions, sleepless nights and stress resulting in a physical toll on the body. He tells the story of how General Eisenhower, as a leader of the Allied forces, was called upon to make a decision...

The Knowledge of God's Presence

In order to avoid having an intellectual faith only, it is important to feel the presence of God in your life. Ravi Zacharias describes the antidote to a sterile faith on today's Thought.

Hungry Hearts

Christians find themselves in an environment that is hostile to the scripture message. Ravi Zacharias explains that it is within this context that God's unique multifaceted message of hope is most needed to help fill those hungering for purpose.

An Insurmountable Paradigm Shift

A student came up to Ravi Zacharias after a lecture and declared that he had asked her to make a paradigm shift in her thinking that she couldn't do. Ravi agreed with her and explained that in her present way of thinking it would be impossible, but that God gives something to us that can make...

We Don't Deal with the Truth

In an interview with Robert Shapiro, the famous lawyer who defended OJ Simpson in his murder trial, Larry King asked Bob for his opinion on what really happened. Bob Shapiro's answers to Larry's questions speak volumes about the role that truth played in that infamous case.

Give Your Memories to Your Children

Ravi Zacharias recounts taking his children back to India to see his childhood home and other notable places that influenced his life. He challenges parents to transfer the memories of their lives to their children as a way of instructing them and demonstrating how God has led in their life.

America: Birthed by a Christian Worldview

Pointing to the words of America's founding fathers in the Federalist Papers Ravi Zacharias demonstrates the Christian worldview of those who created this nation. Furthermore, Ravi declares that this country, with all its freedoms, could not have been created from any other worldview.

Learning a Czech Lesson

In today's Just A Thought Ravi Zacharias urges everyone to listen to the Yale graduate address of Václav Havel, the first President of the Czech Republic. He was a poet, dissident and statesmen who had previously lived under an atheistic regime and then became the leader of that country....

The Irrelevance of Spiritual Principles

From his experience of speaking to students on university campuses in the West Ravi Zacharias makes a statement about how the relevance of his talk is perceived by their professors. It is often derided as irrelevant vestiges of religious practices no longer required for the students to attend....

Three Simple Principles

God used the experience of the wandering of the Israelites in the desert to teach them three life principles. Listen to today's Thought as Ravi Zacharias explains what those three principles were.

What Does It Take To Be a Man Like That?

Ravi Zacharias describes the character and patience of a friend of his with whom he has traveled. He relates a specific experience where their baggage did not arrive with them on a flight and the grace with which his friend handled the inconvenience.

Temptation Never Abates

Ravi Zacharias tells of personal conversations with people where they confess to making a mess of their life, following a pattern of sin and once realizing it, wondering how they got off track. From this experience he has a warning for believers on today's Thought.

The Privilege to Share God's Word

"What would God want us to know at a time such as this in a changing world?" This is the question that Ravi Zacharias asks himself when preparing to speak. In today's program he talks about the privilege of sharing God's word to the world.

Reflecting the Beauty of Jesus

While presenting to an open forum in Iowa a medical doctor had one question after Ravi Zacharias' presentation: "I wonder what he is like in his private life?". This one question is a challenge to all Christ followers to practice what they believe and preach.

Revival in Vietnam

Back in his early ministry Ravi Zacharias had an opportunity to speak in Vietnam to the American troops and the Vietnamese. It was in the summer of 1971 during the Vietnam war and his ministry took place during a revival in that country. Listen today as he relates a poem written by a soldier who...

Made for a Purpose

God created each person individually unique and it is not His intention for anyone to try and be somebody else. Ravi Zacharias describes just how important this concept is on today's Thought.

Everything Is Meaningless

While on a trip to the Philippines Ravi Zacharias was confronted by someone from the audience that shouted "everything is meaningless". On today's Thought hear how Ravi answered this man and how his answer led to a changed life for this individual.

Life Has No Meaning Without God

Life is sacred. The Bible says we are made in the image of God and that fact gives value to every human being. Yet for those who don't believe in God they are missing out on the connection between the sacredness of life and consequently the meaning of life as Ravi Zacharias explains on...

The Moral Argument

Skeptics are directing their attacks against the validity of belief in God based on the moral argument. Today on Just A Thought Ravi Zacharias describes the success at which skeptics have attacked other arguments for the existence of God and now are focusing their attack on the existence of...

A Composite Christian

There is a balance in the christian church that needs to be maintained, some churches lean toward the intellect and reason while others emphasis emotional worship. The christian needs to take all these components of life: the spiritual, physical and intellect and put them together in a way that...

It's Tough to Be a Leader

Speaking from experience Ravi Zacharias describes some of the challenges that leaders face: tough decisions, sleepless nights and stress resulting in a physical toll on the body. It is because of these challenges that he encourages us to pray for the leaders in our lives.