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June 06, 2015

Lessons from the Road Less Traveled

Using the illustration of the nation of Israel wandering in the desert for 40 years Ravi Zacharias points out the lessons that God has for us in the journey.

In the Beginning Was Video

Satan uses many ways to tempt us to sin and it was no different with Jesus. Find out in what other ways Satan tempted Jesus that you may not have heard of.

Dreams and Visions

God uses many ways to reach out to people and in today's Just a Thought Ravi Zacharias tells a story of one such experience.

Only One Way

Humanly speaking only one way to God doesn't seem fair, but Ravi Zacharias puts this in perspective making a connection with this concept to the cry of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Hard Hearts

If the result of sinning is a hard heart then what can conversely soften that hard heart?

Spiritual Beings

How does a correct understanding of who you think you are make a strong impact on your values and beliefs? Ravi Zacharias elucidates this concept on today's Just A Thought.

Gift of Freedom

Ravi Zacharias discusses the need for gratitude and humility both for ourselves and our nation.

Christ's Resurrection Claim

What was the nature of the Christ's resurrection claim and what interest did the Jewish leaders and Roman authorities of His time have in disproving it?

Sin Is Dead!

It was discovered that simply making this declaration did not provide the freedom that a certain prominent professor thought it would. Instead, true freedom requires a spiritual solution as described by Ravi Zacharias on today's Just A Thought.

Heart Condition

Jesus makes a statement regarding the heart of man and its propensity to lead to moral failure. Listen as Ravi Zacharias expounds on how to apply that understanding to our daily lives.

Jesus: Our Eternal Contemporary

Listen today to hear what a nonbeliever and skeptic historian has to say about the impact of Jesus short life on all of western philosophy and ethics throughout history.

Evil Present = God Absent?

Ravi Zacharias deals with the question "How can a God of love and justice allow such evil in this world?" He takes the question and turns it around to show that the question contains the answer.

Skeptic Turned Believer

A.N. Wilson, world famous writer, was a skeptic who mocked Christianity along with its followers, but then became a Christian himself. Find out why on today's Just A Thought.

Attacking Christianity

On today's Just A Thought Ravi Zacharias states that Christianity is unique from other world religions in its ability to handle criticism and even profanity against its founder/creator. Find out more by listening in.

Key to Christianity

Ravi Zacharias explains that the foundation of Christianity is based on a relationship with Jesus Christ. He goes on to tell of his own meeting with Jesus Christ during a very dark hour of his life.

Answers to Questions

As human beings we have many questions about life and faith, where should we look for answers? Ravi Zacharias reframes the question and declares a method to determine which belief system would be best to provide those answers.

America's Secularism

If America has drifted from the worldviews of its founders toward secularism then what is her fate? Find out what Ravi Zacharias has to say in today's Just A Thought.

The Uniqueness of the Gospel Message

Delving into the definition of uniqueness, Ravi Zacharias delineates the difference between the uniqueness of the gospel message compared to the uniqueness claims of other worldviews.

The Power of God's Forgiveness

How does the concept of forgiveness set apart Christianity from other worldviews? Find out today on Just a Thought.

Missing the Point

Ravi Zacharias looks at Genesis to point out the meaning behind the story of the eating of the forbidden fruit.

Christian Worldview Under Attack

Today on Just A Thought Ravi Zacharias explains how the Christian worldview is being shut out of the marketplace of ideas.

Relationships Without Compromise

Is it possible to develop friendships with people of other faiths without compromising your own beliefs? Ravi Zacharias presents some thoughts about this issue on today's Just A Thought.

Help for Those Who Hurt

Today on Just A Thought Ravi Zacharias dispenses some practical advice on where to turn for help when you are burdened down with many cares and concerns.

The Most Difficult Question

Ravi Zacharias describes what is the most difficult question he has to deal with during his speaking engagements around the world.

America: In Danger of Extinction?

What will it take to prevent the extinction of America? Ravi Zacharias explains the two principles that are key to maintaining a strong foundation.