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June 06, 2015 - 10:38 AM

Be Your Self

Ravi Zacharias tells of being asked to speak to a large audience where he was scheduled to speak right after Billy Graham at the event. He felt intimidated by the thought of speaking right after such a distinguished evangelist, but in the midst of his nervous thoughts the voice of God came through...

Philosophy Has Consequences

Discussing the power of philosophy, Ravi Zacharias makes a stark statement about the influence of the philosophers in Nazi Germany and the creation of the gas chambers of the concentration camps. Listen to today's Thought to see the connection and the warning that comes from history.

Turning a Halo into a Noose

Ravi Zacharias makes the statement "there is a very small distance between the head and the neck and if you stare at your halo long enough you will turn it into a noose." Listen to today's Thought as he unpacks this statement in regards to success and failure in life.

Out of Touch with the Message

Jonah experienced a disassociation between the message that he carried for others and failing to apply it to his own life. On today's Thought Ravi Zacharias cautions us to remain faithful to the truth that we carry for others.

A Pretender

On today's Just A Thought, Ravi Zacharias describes the famous play by Arthur Miller: "Death of a Salesman". Listen as Ravi makes the point from this story about living a life faithful to the truth.

God Steps Out of the Way

Referring to the Israelite's demand for a king even though they had a direct relationship with God who was fulfilling that role, Ravi Zacharias makes a point about human will and God's intervention. Listen to today's Thought as Ravi warns about the stubbornness of man and God's...

Made in His Image

On today's program Ravi Zacharias addresses the age old question of which gender is superior: male or female.

Taking Hopeless Cases

Ravi Zacharias describes one of Mother Teresa's care homes in Calcutta India where a sign tells medical responders not to bring anyone to the home until they first attempt to take them to a hospital. Why is this warning posted on the outside of this house of benevolence? Find out the powerful...

The Fundamental Life Question

Josh McDowell, a well known Christian apologist stated that after decades of ministry speaking on college campuses and to diverse audiences one question consistently emerged. Listen today's program as Ravi Zacharias conveys that universal question about life which McDowell frequently heard.

Sin and Psychology

Our human condition cannot be diagnosed fully through the science of Psychology. Today on Just A Thought Ravi Zacharias proscribes the application of Theology in determining the source of the illness of humanity.

The Pride of Life

What is the definition for the sin called "the pride of life" mentioned in 1 John 2:16? In giving the explanation for this sin Ravi Zacharias describes a painting that marvelously captures the concept on today's Just A Thought.

Is Being Wealthy a Sin?

Listen to Ravi Zacharias as he addresses the question of wealth and christian righteousness on today's Just A Thought.

Sin: A Violation of the Person of God

God gave the law not to simply see who was going to break it, but that it would ultimately point people to Himself. This premise becomes the basis of Ravi Zacharias' statement that sin is a violation of the person of God. Listen to today's program as he explains this concept.

The Consummate Act of Worship

Ravi Zacharias describes the act of participating in holy communion and the power behind the symbols of the bread and the cup. Listen to today's Thought to gain a fresh insight into the Eucharist.

Simply Amazing

Ravi Zacharias relates the story of the passing of his father-in-law and the serenity that he observed during his final breath. Ravi describes the scene that represented the final chapter of a race well run as a faithful believer passes into his reward in the presence of God.

Four Generations Away From Extinction

While attending a bible study with the Atlanta Braves baseball team Ravi Zacharias describes a challenge that the speaker, Chuck Yeager, gave to the players of the team. Listen to today's Thought to find out what the challenge was and how one of the famous players on the team answered it.

Definition of Reality

There are three critical components in the definition of reality. Ravi Zacharias describes the three components as nonphysical, intelligent and that which has intervened in history.rea

Forgetting God

Ravi Zacharias relates a claim that Alexander Solzhenitsyn gives as the reason why this nation is in so much turmoil these days. Listen to today's program to hear a story from Solzhenitsyn's childhood and how through all his studies and life experience he came to the same conclusion as...

True Success

"Sometimes I think the church doesn't know anything about true success." Ravi Zacharias continues to quote Richard Dortch who further describes what the church thinks is success and the seduction of chasing that type of false success.

Making Dead People Live

There were three stages that God brought the nation of Israel through as illustrated in the Old Testament. Listen to Ravi Zacharias on today's Thought as he explains the three stages and then applies them to a person's conversion process.

Needing a Prophetic Voice

Although Solomon was reported to be the wisest man that walked the earth, he lacked a certain adviser that other kings had. Listen to today's Thought as Ravi Zacharias reveals a profound insight about the life of Solomon.

Untamed Passions

Speaking to a group of Christian leaders, Ravi Zacharias speaks specifically to men about the struggle of controlling their passions and refraining from acting on sinful desires.

Losing the Differentiation Between Laughter and Tears

Somewhere in the midst of entertaining ourselves with television and its slick production of intriguing stories with immoral plots we have lost the ability to appreciate the mind of God and his perspective on sin. Listen as Ravi Zacharias describes the moral confusion that is being exhibited by...

Endeavoring to be God

Adam and Eve's sin in the Garden of Eden was much more than just the breaking of God's command. Listen to today's program as Ravi Zacharias describes just how impactful and far reaching that sin really was.

Sending the Sons of the Kingdom

On today's Thought Ravi Zacharias describes the meaning of the parable that Jesus told in Matthew 13 about the weeds and the wheat. He finishes the program with an application of this parable to christian mission work.